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Here is an example of a follow up link removal request from a @drivenetwork.com email address that just came in today.  I’ve verified the link in question was purchased by DriveNetwork in July 2010. They may have gotten one of their clients into hot water for buying links and are now reversing course and want them removed. This request is not as clever as the pirate example Barry wrote about the other day but shows that Google’s efforts to clamp down on these tactics is working.


I just wanted to give you another chance to respond to my previous link removal email before disavowing the link through Google.   If you could help get this link removed it would be greatly appreciated.  I have attached the previous email below for your reference:

My name is [redacted] and I work for USDish.com. We are currently in a Google penalty and are taking down links that could be seen as unnatural.

I was hoping you could help us with this by removing the link on (website name redacted) with the anchor text “Satellite TV Great local and regional sports action from a leader in Satellite Television.” pointing to  http://www.usdish.com/ as well as any other pages pointing to USDish.com.

Thank you for your help with this.

[Name Redacted]



Great write up on paid search inner workings.

SMX Scottsdale

Sitting at SMX in Scottsdale and using my twitter account I haven’t touched in years. Twitter allows for immediate communication and helps those like myself that are on the shy side of the fence.  Conferences do lend themselves nicely for this communication, Austins SXSW conference is a prime example.

The first day of the conference has been good and lots of information about Facebooks Edgerank for ads. Looking forward to tomorrows speakers and hopefully I will make time for a roundup of the speakers and top takeaways. Dont hold your breath though as you can notice this blog is about as neglected as my Twitter account.


OutRank.com Reviews

This is an example of an SEO company not being legit with its customers. Good listen even if its a bit old.  Stay away from companies that wont tell you what they are doing exactly.

The sales rep mentions meta tags are secret sauce. Funny that this ‘secret’ is published for all to see on the websites that supposedly rank. Why not just be upfront, unless there is something to hide?


Does anyone have any experience with Outrank? If they can streamline the Local listing process for clients that may be worth the fees itself as many small business owners wont take the time to do so.

If you have questions about Outrank.com give them a call and chat directly, or read the SEO Scam list here and see how they defend themselves in public.  I do not have any personal experience with them.

Here is the  Zune playlist converting software, quick and easy.




Will try to have a walk through tonight.

Adwords testing

A pretty good read over here re Adwords testing. Looking to expand a bit more into statistical validity on some ads.

Google is still using this to promote Adwords. Maybe a refresh is in order. Well scratch that, looks like the bakery has re-opened.

Toroidal Vortices

Toroidal Vortices

Beauty and destruction.

Zip Code Data Sets

So I have been on the search for zip code data, specifically wanting to get info on population per zip so I can break it down into metro areas for a little project I am working on.

I stumbled across this free zip code database and it may be able to help out a bit. If anyone has ideas on how I can go about grouping all the metropolitan areas by zip and sorted by population that would be great and maybe I will even buy you a beer.

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